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TOWEL | Fuvamulah

TOWEL | Fuvamulah

These towels were created to support Ocean Culture Life's project to find a solution to the climate emergency in Fuvahmulah Island in the Maldives. This ocean gem is home to potentially the healthiest tiger shark population in the world. However, its pristine underwater ecosystem is under threat from expanding construction and human pollution. The profits from the sale of our Fuvamulah towels will go towards reducing plastic waste and protecting the marine life of this island by hiring a dedicated team of local staff members.

The design of these towels was created by Mariadelmar Franco, winner of the IADE – Ocean Born 2021 university contest.
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  • 60% Recycled Cotton
  • 40% SEAQUAL



We have measured the impact of our garments in five areas. Find out more about the individual impact of this Towell below.

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